Picture Gympie

Picture Gympie is a collection of historical photos curated in themed collections online. You can use these photos for free and only ask you to credit ‘Gympie Regional Libraries’ when you use a photo.

The library team are always adding more photos and welcome any donations.

Personal use of photos

You can print, copy or download an image for private or study use without asking for permission. This includes the use of an image in a school assignment. Please acknowledge Gympie Regional Libraries on any image that you copy.

Copies of images

High resolution digital copies of images are available. Contact Gympie Library. Phone 54810859 or email library@gympie.qld.gov.au

Reproduction of images

Many of the images in the database are out of copyright. They were taken before 1955 and the copyright has lapsed. When this happens, the images are in the public domain and copyright clearance is not needed.

If an image is still in copyright, then a notation indicating this is in the ‘rights’ field. In all cases where an image is still in copyright, you must seek permission to copy from the copyright owner. If you want to use the image, you will need to get permission from the copyright owner.

For current advice contact the Australian Copyright Council.

Extracts from the Archives

The Seven Network and the Library Board of Queensland have funded 12 volumes of videocassettes from Channel 8 (WBQ8) from the 1960s & 1970s.  You can view the clips on our YouTube channel playlist View Here or read articles from the Gympie Times on our local history blog, Gympie Regional Memories.

Find the collections here

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